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Publishing Department of BPC Group provides the entrepreneurs
with current data from the IT solutions market.

Annually, BPC Group reaches almost 6 000 enterprises and supports management staff in advanced IT solution processes. On the basis of gained knowledge BPC Group brings out publications and web-based news services about current state of IT implementation in Polish enterprises.

The service is a source of information for persons, which are responsible for computerization of enterprises. The website supports their knowledge at every stage of the organization of the solution selection process. BPC Guide is also a valuable source of information for producers and providers of IT solutions who want to hit new solutions on the enterprise market.

Launched in November 2017 portal is largest IT solutions database currently available in Poland. The database contains nearly 200 IT solutions that support the management of a large and medium-sized enterprise. Supports decision- making processes in 14 organization areas.
The service is a source of information about Synergy conferences and training events for persons which are responsible for computerization of enterprises. It contains a compendium knowledge about organized meetings. The main source of traffic on the site is made up of potential conference participants who receive conference invitations from the BPC Group.
Publications are knowledge compendium for managers that are searching for advanced IT solutions. They are delivered to the enterprises of selected branches that are in the process of IT tool selection.

BPC GUIDE Magazine (descriptions are available in Polish language):

ECM - Enterprise Content

Preparation for WMS
system selection process

Advanced production planning in IT systems

Workflow in Poland

5 reasons to implement
MES system

Request for Proposal

Book (descriptions are available in Polish language):

IT vendors in Poland:
whom to cooperate with?

IT systems in Poland:
how to choose?
The edition for small
and medium enterprises

IT systems in Poland:
how to choose?
The edition for medium
and big enterprises

Reports (descriptions are available in Polish language):

BPC Report:
200 ERP Selection Processes

BPC Report:
Metal Industry

BPC Report:

BPC Report:
Food Industry

BPC Report:
Logistics and Warehouse

BPC Report:
Cosmetics and Pharmacy

BPC Report:

BPC Report:
400 IT Projects

BPC Report:
Production of 2015

BPC Report:
Metal Industry 2015

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