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IT Suppliers

Advisory services provided by BPC group in favor
of IT suppliers refer to strategical management
and enhancement of sale processes.

Marketing services: 40%
Marketing services provided in order to:
  1. Introduce the products onto the market of Polish enterprises;
  2. Search for new customers;
  3. Discover market niches.

These include:
Sales channel building and verifying: 15%
BPC Group provides services of sales channel building. Additionally, verifies competencies of IT companies, that act within selected dealer network.

Marketing services of this kind are provided in order to:
  1. Intensify sale in particular channel (consumption of additional capabilities, mistakes elimination;
  2. Create new sales channel.
Solution recommendations: 45%
Wide knowledge about IT systems and complex information on the enterprises needs are unique features of BPC Group recommendation services. The company enhances IT supplier position against the background of competitors by indication of functionalities and solutions that shall be developed in order to enrich product portfolio.

BPC Group is the only analytical and consulting company on the Polish market, which provides current and comprehensive knowledge of IT systems used by Polish enterprises. Constantly monitors solution functionalities, that are applicable in practice.


The table below presents classes of systems covered by BPC Group analytical activities:


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